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It is grief inducing that people despise their own loving Creator, granted; and their markings of ludicrous hatred and boorish selfishness is a most tragic topic. However, I am much more melancholy and even further outraged at some of the Christian reaction to such symbolism of the enemy. Although it is most terrible that Satan has greatly caught up humanity with obsession with signs analogous to most ghastly and sinful concepts, it is downright DIGUSTING! the way some Christians have responded. I am referring to those overreactionary fools who take up superstition or blind defeatism for symbolism!

Woe to you, self-proclaimed Christians, who denounce symbols. You are no more morally sound in such denunciation than the Catholics were when they considered certain musical genres and tone qualities evil or scientist condemn faith (an element necessary for any knowledge besides self-existence and absolute truth)! Wake up! God blessed us with symbolism. By regarding them as evil and/or Satanically powerful enchantments, you have (1) negated a blessing of God (inspiration drawing/calligraphy), (2) slandered our faith (because you have made us look superstitious or unwelcoming to others), and (3) you have played yourselves and non-believers into the workmanship of Lucifer.

Oppositely, symbols are neutral in and of themselves. Surely, no Christian becomes stupidly and superficially superstitious over a cross? Good lord, the idiocy God must deal with! Nay, signs and significations are absolute gray area. But here’s an idea:

Satanists think they took the pentagram; Judiazers think they have the star of David; wiccans think they have the tetragram; and many God-haters utilize the upside-down cross. SO LET’S GET THEM BACK! We are the freed ones! Non-believers are intellectual enslaved by sin. Why should they be allowed to corrupt God’s gift of cryptic analogy? We should quit worrying about the Swastika and start using it for good. We should condem the culprits who exploited the Hammer and Sickle and then return their own sign for a valiant cause. We should steal the enemy’s weapons to spit on Satan’s gates whilst armed with them. No more superstition; no more blind negligence; take up the neutral ground and make Lucifer regret his endeavors. Let us collude to rob our enemy, to beat them with their own stick.

That is the nature of Christian warefare: conform to God to rebell against Satan.